My Shepherd Will Supply My Need

Three-part for SAB

This is a well-known hymn. I decided to try to write some nice chords and harmonies for our choir, plus a nice-sounding piano accompaniment. It's still a pretty simple arrangement. Our choir has only a few men, so I've arranged it for just one men's part.

For some variety, I suggest the men should sing the melody for verse 2, with the altos still doing their alto harmony.

I believe the copyright has expired on the original music and words. As for my particular arrangement -- you may freely distribute and perform it.

Sheet Music


Sheet music PDF
Lilypond Source
 Vocals Sheet music PDF
Lilypond Source

Audio Samples

 Piano MP3 MIDI
 All parts

Alto part

Bass part





My shepherd will Supply my Need

Thank you so much for having this song for me to be able to download!!  This song fills me with so much joy and peace when I'm playing it on the piano....I can lose myself forever!!!!  I'd been looking for different arrangements of this song so I could piece together my own arrangement...and it's blissfull!!!  Thanks again...

God Bless!


Thank you. Very timely

My wife has been asked to sing this song at a the funeral of a friend who is expected to die in the next few weeks (or days). I am my wife's accompanist, and needed a version in the key of C. I discovered your arrangement today through Google. Thank you for posting this. It's not only in the right key, but is arranged in a simple and beautiful way that does justice to the character of the hymn.
With appreciation,

All the best

I appreciate the feedback and I'm pleased to be useful to someone. That hymn would be fitting at a funeral I imagine. All the best with your tribute to your friend at a time of sadness.

By the way, if you or anyone else wanted the piece in a different key, that is easy to do with the software. I'd be happy to for anyone who asks.

Craig McQueen

problem printing pdf

Hi Craig,
Just discovered your site. I would like to use your version of "My Shepherd Will supply My Need" for my choir but I have not been able to print the whole piece. Each time I have tried, I am showing the entire selection on the screen at print preview, but it keeps chopping off the last stanza on each page of both the piano and choir versions when I print. I am hoping to start rehearsals this Sunday. Could you please check the files on your end? Many Thanks. I am looking forward to presenting this hymn to our congregation. ~Renee

paper size A4 versus US Letter

Maybe the issue is due to paper size. I'm in Australia, and I'd used A4 paper size (standard used in most of the world except USA). I've now redone the sheet music to use US Letter size. Please try downloading it again (refresh if necessary) and let me know if it's better.

(Alternatively with the original files, Adobe Acrobat Reader is able to resize to fit the printout on the printer's sheet size, if you specify that you're printing to US Letter.)

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