Slavery in the Bible

Biblical slavery is cited by atheists as an objection to the Bible and Christianity.

In modern Western thinking, the essential nature of slavery is epitomised by the history of Black African American slavery. A study of the Bible shows that the essential nature of Black African American slavery, which made it so oppressive and wrong, was prohibited by God in the Old Testament law.


Circumcision Bible Study

These are my Bible study notes on the topic of circumcision.

Circumcision began with Abraham as a physical act, and continued for the nation of Israel. But even in the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible, there are numerous indications that circumcision was symbolic of a spiritual state. The Israelites were exhorted to be "circumcised in heart".

In the New Testament, the spiritual symbolism of circumcision is emphasised, and transcends the physical. Circumcision was an important and contentious doctrinal issue in the early New Testament church, as the early Jewish Christians contended with the question of how non-Jewish (or non-Israelite) people could come to salvation through Jesus Christ.


Church Authority

Over the years in church I have seen a great deal of debate over the topic of church authority. Is it right for people to have authority over other people in the church context? Is a paid priest/minister Biblically sound? What Biblical instruction is given on this topic? These are my personal Bible study notes on the topic.



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