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ad nauseum

“You claimed evolution is not anti-religion, I answered that it is and very pointedly was from the beginning. So drop the stupidity about how it's neutral toward religion. “
Evolution is a scientific theory that doesn’t mention god at all. Even the Pope acknowledges the truth of the theory as do other eminent christian authorities. It is neutral towards religion in the same way that the theory of gravity is neutral towards religion. It simply explains the observable evidence. If you prefer to believe that your invisible friend did it then please show me the evidence. Even if evolution was wrong it still doesn’t mean god did it. Unless you can prove it your assertions are baseless.
“The fact that I was an atheist OUGHT to give me some credibility in this context but you don't have the intellectual objectivity to recognize it.”
No it doesn’t. The fact that I was a christian does not increase my credibility on the topic. Our personal opinions do not determine the truth. The facts speak for themselves. Reality is quite independent of what we believe.
“Can't answer so you ridicule.”
Where is the ridicule? I have merely stated my opinion of your comments. Yes they are ridiculous but I have not ridiculed you. Maybe you take offense to the statement of the definition of ‘faith’. It is your chosen nom de plume.
"Missed this: "Not a genetic mutation in sight? No natural selection?....You didn't read very well. LOTS of natural selection, tons of it, all leading to the situation of genetic depletion. But you didn't think about it at all, so eager are you to get rid of any ideas but your own. As for mutations, as I said, even if there is such a thing as USEFUL mutations, and the evidence is not promising, the processes of selection would render them null and void.”
I may be having trouble understanding your original post. You didn’t mention natural selection. You only mentioned mutation in relation to your doubt about the existence of useful mutations. You appear to equate natural selection to artifical selection. Quite different processes and outcomes.
If the genesis account of creation didn’t make it into the modern version of the bible would you still have the same opinion about evolution?
“Think about it, if you know how.”
Ouch. Very christian.

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