Thoughts on “The Greatest Show On Earth”


One visitor commented that, if I’m really interested in a better understanding of the creation/evolution debate, I should read “The Greatest Show On Earth” by Richard Dawkins*. It’s a good idea for a Christian of this era to have a working knowledge of evolution. Given that Richard Dawkins has gone to the trouble to write the book to make the essentials of evolutionary theory accessible to the everyday person, this book is a good chance to hear it argued by a passionate advocate of atheism. Not only that, but his book is aimed squarely at creationists, primarily Christian creationists. What better way to hear the essential objections to Christian creationism systematically explained?

So now I’ve read the book, and I want to record some of my reflections on the contents. (This will be slow, because being a parent is a higher priority for me than blogging right now.)

I think it will be simplest for me to take a chapter at a time, and respond to each as I go.

By the time I’m done, topically, I’d especially like to cover:

  • Natural selection and mechanisms of genetic diversity
  • Mutations
  • Responses to anti-creationism arguments
    • Creationism and fixity of species
    • Poor design
    • Evolutionary vestiges

* An alternative I’ve seen suggested, and some say is better, is “Why Evolution is True” by Jerry Coyne.